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A Jew on Ethiopia Street (2001)

Category – Full Length. 95 minutes. Genre – drama . For 4 men, 2 woman. Commissioned and produced by Mixed Blood Theatre, a promising Ethiopian soccer star in Israel is courted by an American sports agent. The athlete is involved with another Ethiopian who risks being deported. There is also a reckless, clandestine operation afoot to airlift one last group of Falasha Jews from Ethiopia to Israel.

The Gift (1999)

Category – Full Length. 100 minutes. Genre – satire drama . For 4 men, 3 woman. Set at an American university besieged by political correctness and a football scandal involving the abuse of an African American co-ed. The central administration weighs the pros and cons of accepting a multi-million dollar gift with strings attached. Published by University of Illinois Press.

Sainte Simone (1996)

Category – Full Length. 120 minutes. Genre – semi-historical drama . For 4 men, 3 woman. Sainte Simone, on the theme of possession, tracks a young New York woman of our era along side the cascading coincidences of philosopher/essayist Simone Weil from Europe's 1930s. Both women attract the disquieting advances of a virile, undead Hitler and the errant love from a Harlem man who has strayed from Farrakhan's Nation of Islam. Published by Broadway Play Publishing.

A Vow of Silence (1994)

Category – Full Length. 120 minutes. Genre – political drama . For 5 men, 2 woman. Exploring the Israeli Givati court-martial at the tail end of the first intifada, an American couple (a reporter and a hotelier) into the machinations in Israel in part due to a college friendship with a major Palestinian leader. The American husband cannot endorse his wife’s journalistic zeal and loss of balance. Script for nine actors. Published by Penguin/Mentor Books.

Ladies of Fisher Cove (1993)

Category – Full Length. 110 minutes. Genre – sexual drama . For 1 man, 4 woman. Commissioned by South Coast Rep, this comic fairy tale depicts the lives of three sisters off the coast of Maine who save the life of a mysterious stranger washed ashore. The hamlet is under quarantine and all the men are dying except for the stranger. He makes unusual demands on each sister until they discover the nature of his origin. Produced by Cheshire Company at Ohio Theatre in New York and published by Broadway Play Publishing.

Adoring the Madonna (1992)

Category – Full Length. 100 minutes. Genre – sexual satire. For 3 men, 2 woman. Madcap comedy about a mobster who underwrites a pornographic film director’s genuine auteur effort from an original film script. The starlet selected for the film dominates the entire producer/director enterprise and every assumption flies out the window. First produced by Circle Rep’s Lab Workshop in New York.

A Daring Bride (1990)

Category – Full Length. 100 minutes. Genre – sexual drama . For 1 man, 2 woman. A doomed love story about a United Nations official from Austria who falls for a high class escort working in Manhattan. The official tries to convert the prostitute and does battle with the woman’s British best friend who also works as an escort. First produced by Long Wharf Theatre and published by Broadway Play Publishing.

Lilith (1990)

Category – Full Length. 100 minutes. Genre – fantasy drama . For 2 men, 2 woman, 1 boy. First act is set inside the Garden of Eden and the play’s second half crosscuts to New York. The word of Adam, Lilith, and Eve take the stage as the two women confront one another and the very identify of metaphysical woman. A love triangle which defies the heavens and puts a young boy at risk, supernatural Lilith will not willingly disappear from this world.

Hospitality (1988)

Category – Full Length. 100 minutes. Genre – political drama . For 4 men, 1 woman. Interrogation tale inspired loosely by the detention of Colombia’s Patricia Lara in the mid-1980s. Two INS agents detain and try to break a Latin American journalist and a Brooklyn rabbi – both suspects believed to be involved with terrorists groups. The interrogations go very badly and the tables are turned against one of the INS agents. First produced by Philadelphia Theatre Company and published by Broadway Play Publishing.

Haut Gout (1987)

Category – Full Length. 120 minutes. Genre – political drama . For 4 men, 3 woman. Intriguing thriller in Haiti, showcasing an American doctor who experiments with a new infant feeding formula and along the way is coerced by CIA operatives to treat the commanding Haitian General who has only a few months to live. First produced by Virginia Theatre Company. Published by Theatre Communication Group in 1987 and again in 2013 by Broadway Play Publishing.

Morocco (1986)

Category – Full Length. 100 minutes. Genre – drama . For 3 men, 1 woman Psychological drama Morocco focuses on three characters – an American Jewish architect, his half Arab banker wife, and a Moroccan colonel. The wife is arrested for prostitution and the husband cannot forget the psychic scars from the arrest. 

Morocco begins with a ten day arrest of sophisticated Abril Kempler, a banker working with her architect husband in Fez, Morocco. The ordeal involves a complex game between the Colonel running the jail and the Jewish American architect. Having Abril released from prison does not readily end the nightmare of this incident. After a brief sojourn to Malaga, Spain, Charles Kempler returns to the prison to confront the Colonel on a deeper transgression. Script for three actors. Produced first as a one act by American Repertory Theatre and as a full length by Virginia Stage and Hartford Stage Companies. Published by Theatre Communications Group and later by Broadway Play Publishing. Winner of FDG/CBS Award, HBO Playwrights USA Award, and Kennedy Center Production Award. There follows a screenplay version of Morocco.

Mink Sonata (1985)

Category – Full Length. 100 minutes. Genre – drama . For 1 man, 2 woman. Off beat drama of a mother, father and adult daughter living together inside an upscale Manhattan apartment. Daughter plays a cello and has a personality disorder. Her alter ego seduces her father who is a political media guru. Mother is conflicted in how to stop this awful charade. First produced by BACA in New York. Published by Broadway Play Publishing.

The Road from Jerusalem (1984)

Category – one act. 60 minutes. Genre –drama . For 2 men, 1 woman. An American, a Palestinian, and a German businessman inside a Jerusalem shelter in the aftermath of mass shooting and bomb attack. Can be coupled with the first act of  Morocco  - an American architect trying to free his wife from a jail in Fez.  Produced under the title Holy Wars by American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge.

Family Rites (1980)

Category – One act. 75 minutes. Genre – family drama . For 3 men, 2 woman. The comically obsessive, skeletal dynamics of adult children at home for Thanksgiving exposes family rites both disquieting, absurd, and yet life renewing. First produced at Yale.

Interludes (1978)

Category – One act. 70 minutes. Genre – fantasy drama . For 2 men, 2 woman. Dark comedy set inside New York City basement apartment, Beverly and Josh fight the essence of an incestuous tie only to embroil two other bystanders who cannot change the tragic fate of fratricide and self-injury. First produced at Yale.


 •Oedipus Again (1976)

Category – One act. 60 minutes. Genre –  tragicomedy on a classic myth . For 3 men, 1 woman.   In Hades, King Laius and Queen Jocasta anticipate the arrival of their son as Oedipus continues to suffer past  the moment of his death.  Philosophical  and psychological questions surface about their mortification and their catharsis.   First produced at Case Western Reserve - winner of the Marc Klein Playwriting Award



Synopses Volume II


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