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Synopses Vol. 1


•  Hotel Stockholm (2019)

Category - Full Length.  Genre - drama.  For 2 women, 1 man.

At the start of a second marriage for a middle aged white American couple honeymooning in Sweden, a Black financial investor intervenes in their hotel stay.  While the newlywed bride knows the investor casually through college ties, a disquieting transgression occurs at the hotel and a year after the honeymoon.  

 •  St Francis de los Barrios (2018) 

Category - libretto & one act play  Genre - drama. For ensemble.

In Tijuana, a young man living in abandoned buildings takes on the reputation of a healing prophet, meets Pope Francis and threatens the goverment on both sides of the border.

•  My Aunt Lucy (2017) 

Category - Full Length.  Genre - comedy.  For 3 woman, 1 man.

After the funeral of his mother, a San Diego school vice principal can't seem to rid himself of his criminal aunt from Ohio who claims to have had sexual relations with national political figures from the 1980s.

•  Zeliha (2016)

Category - Full Length.  Genre - drama.  For 1 woman, 2 men.  A New York architect receives a surprise visit  from a beautiful, distant  Jewish cousin half his age from Istanbul.   Although they have never met before, the young woman has taken possesion of nearly every part of the architect's life in a matter of a few months.  


•  Babette (2015)

Category - Full Length.  Genre - solo monologue.  For 1 woman.

Babette tells of her iconoclastic rogue behavior over hard lived travels in France and America.  Her college roommate from California asks a very imposing favor to have Babette watch her children for a fortnight but Babette is stuck with the young girls for over half a year.  


  The Hypnotist (2014)

Category - Full Length.  Genre - political drama.  For 4 women, 2 men with some double casting.    A therapeutic hypnotist in Baltimore has one patient who has lied about her professional life.    She isn't a financial broker for Merrill Lynch, but is an operative for the National Security Agency (NSA).   The agency approaches the therapist to assist an internal inquiry about recent leaks at the NSA.   

•  Garments and Threads (2013)

Category - Full Length.  Genre - family drama.  For 3 women, 2 men  A New York dynasty’s billionaire patriarch slips in and out of a coma on the eve of  the painful 2013 Bangladesh textile catastrophe. The family company has outsourced ties to Bandladesh and other substandard Asian factories.  Further, the socially prominent patriarch is the surviving  grandson of one of the two Jewish men responsible for the infamous 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.


•  The Landlady (2012)

Category- Full length.  Genre - macabre comedy.   For 2 women, 1 man.  In an affluent San Diego beach town, an attractive woman acquires the lease to a converted garage studio.  Her prying landlady is exceeding controlling as she doubts that her new tenant really is a wedding photographer from Los Angeles.  The landlady's reclusive son is an elementary school teacher who cannot resist the alluring new tenant.


•  Arthur & Joe (2011)    

Category - Full Length.   Genre - drama.  For 3 men, 1 woman. 

The life of this play imagines the two celebrity ex-husbands of Marilyn Monroe meeting discreetly at a small Italian restaurant a few weeks after her death.Titular figures in baseball and theatre, DiMaggio and Miller believe that more than one tragedy has occurred with Marilyn's passing and challenge each other in their unresolved predicaments.  Unexpected details emerge include the trail to the Kennedys emerge to mitigate the isolate pain each man feels.  


•  Arrow to the Heart (2010)

Category – Full Length.  90 minutes.  Genre – Family drama. For  2 men, 2 women. An urban family of three is faced with a medical crisis upon a second financial crisis.   Structured as a memory play, this story for four actors highlights the surfacing identify of a young man caught between filial loyalty and freedom.  As the mother attends to both men, a domineering father is in free fall.  Premiered June 2010, Vox Nova Theatre & UC,San Diego  Published 2010 Broadway Play Publishing.          ​

 •  Twin Marriage ((2009)

Category – Full Length.   Genre – Comedy . For  2 men, 2 women.  Set in Spain and explodes the secrets of two competitive American sisters on the precipice of delayed baby-making and their mismatched over-educated husbands.  Both couples wonder when they will attempt to conceive a child. During the course of the narrative a serious of unnerving secrets emerge that broach legal and moral thresholds.  

•  Lilith (opera 2009)
Category – chamber opera.  90 minutes.  Genre – sexual drama. For  2 men, 2 women, 1 boy.  In the Garden of Eden and crosscutting to New York, the enactment and re-enactment of Adam, Lilith, and Eve take the stage as the two women confront one another and the very identify of metaphysical woman.  A love triangle which defies the heavens, supernatural Lilith will not willingly disappear from this world.

•  A Word of Secrecy (2009)
Category – Full Length  Genre –  drama. For  2 men, 3 women. 

In a New Jersey senior living facility, octogenarian grandfather Amos Jacobi withstands challenges from his neighbor, Hyman, who covets Jacobi’s resident girlfriend Ruth and also Jacobi’s caregiver Josie.   Interrupting the comedic tranquility of the assisted living center, an F.B.I. agent interrogates Jacobi on espionage on behalf of Israel. The allegations cite his time as a military engineer on the 1980s Patriot Missiles.  Tale inspired by the incident in spring 2008 concerning the arrest and conviction of New Jersey resident Ben-Ami Kadish.

•  The Tutor (2008)
Category – Full Length.  85 minutes.  Genre – Comedy drama. For 3 men, 1 woman.  This stark, disquieting drama depicts the eleventh hour effort of a hired tutor to transform the life of a very bright, self-destructive teenager before a Columbine tragedy occurs in San Diego.  Script for four actors and 90 minute running time.   Produced by Vox Nova Theatre in San Diego and published by Broadway Play Publishing.   Winner of  San Diego’s 2008 Patté Award for Outstanding New Play.

•  A Very Jewish King (2006)  
Category – Full Length.  110 minutes.  Genre – Period drama. For  3 men, 4 women. Set in New York City’s late 1930s, the play sets the King Lear theme through the tapestry of Yiddish Theatre in her final hours on stage.  Loosely inspired by the Jacob Adler acting dynasty, A Very Jewish King demonstrates the injured love of theatre and Jewish culture on the eve of the Holocaust.  Commissioned and presented in a series of public readings by San Diego Repertory Theatre.

•  Restless Spirits (2006)  
Category – Full Length.  110 minutes.  Genre – Comedy drama. For  4 men, 3 women, 2 girls.  A fantasy drama on clairvoyance and supernatural events surrounding the life of an African American PhD candidate who is researching folklore and ghost communication within immigrant communities in California.  She is bothered by the contact with her father and with the arrest of a serial killer of young children. Commissioned and produced by San Diego Repertory. Published by Broadway Play Publishing.

•  The Haunting of Jim Crow (2005)   
Category – Full Length.  85 minutes.  Genre – historical drama. For 4 men, 3 woman.   Factual dramatic account of the advancing history of Brown v. Wade Supreme Court decision in counterpoint with the personal drama of Senator Strom
Thurmond’s unacknowledged mixed race daughter Essie Mae Williams Washington. Produced by University of California, San Diego at the Museum of Contemporary Arts, taped and telecast by University of California television, published by Broadway Play Publishing.

• Three Nights in Prague (2004)

Category – Full Length.  90  minutes.  Genre – political drama. For 4 men.  Speculative political intrigue set in Prague five months prior to 9/11. Lead 9/11 jet hijacker Mohamed Atta meets an Iraqi Consulate official in hopes of redoubling efforts to strike the most dramatic attack against the United States ever.  Offsetting the negotiation is a private tryst with an underage prostitute. Published by Southern Illinois University Press 2009.

•  A Rogue Scientist (2003)
Category – Full Length.  100 minutes.  Genre –  drama. For 2 men, 2 woman.  Political thriller inspired by a Texas pathogen expert’s arrest by the FBI, narrative follows a California scientist’s maverick behavior with missing bubonic plague vials.  The implosion of the scientist’s marriage and the harsh treatment given by the FBI set off far worse abhorrent behavior by the scientist.

  Private Parties (2003)
Category – Full Length.  85 minutes.  Genre – Sexual comedy . For 2 woman.  Kinky, deranged comedy built on the sale of vintage Ford Mustang and an unidentified body in the auto.  Two women meet and against their better judgment
cross the border into Mexico for an unusual resort weekend.    Produced by 6th@Penn Theatre in San Diego and published by Broadway Play Publishing.  Also a screenplay version follows the staged one.

•  Nuevo California (co-writer Bernardo Solano 2003)
Category – Full Length. 110  minutes.  Genre – political drama. For 4 men, 6 women. . Fabulist comedy drama of a future city-state made up of Tijuana and San Diego after a great California earthquake.  The world greets the first Mexican Pope who leads the region back into recovery.  Produced by San Diego Repertory and winner of San Diego Theatre Circle’s Outstanding New Play.  Published by Broadway Play Publishing. 

•  Misjudgment of Paris (dance theatre piece 2002)
Category – Full Length.  90  minutes.  Genre –dance theatre. For 2 men, 1 woman, plus three dancers.   Triple interlocking Greek myths reinterpreted to modern times.  Pegasus – a human horse in a circus aerial act who is forsaken by her acrobat partner.  Orpheus – a hermaphrodite attempts to reverse the fate of this famed singer/musician from losing his love.  Misjudgment of Paris – a hapless Chocolatier is selected by the Parisian mayor to pick one woman out of three contestants with comic catastrophe. Produced and commissioned by John Malashock Dance Company in residence at Old Globe Theatre in San Diego and taped/televised by University of California Television.


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